Haworth Poppy

Today’s thinkers, creators, and doers seek meaningful spaces that support their work—spaces that are easy-going and purposeful. The Poppy family of seating helps furnish comfortable, flexible spaces that can support a variety of work processes to foster the creative performance crucial for innovation.Poppy lounge chair was created with freedom and choice for employees in mind.

Framery O

Framery O is ideal for important calls or video conferences. Have your discussions in privacy without disturbing your colleagues. Framery O delivers an echo-free and comfortable working environment. Installation is fast and the pod is ready to be used the same day it’s delivered.[https://www.haworth.com/eu/company/brands/collection/framery](https://www.haworth.com/eu/company/brands/collection/framery)

Framery 2Q

Framery’s new model, 2Q office booth is designed for 4-6 people. It’s the best place to co-create, brainstorm and have meetings. Our superior sound insulation system ensures that your meetings won’t disturb the office – and the office noise won’t disturb you.[https://www.haworth.com/eu/company/brands/collection/framery](https://www.haworth.com/eu/company/brands/collection/framery)

Haworth Nia

Traditional task chairs contrast the increasingly residential-themed workplace aesthetic. Nia with it’s slim upholstered profile and concealed mechanisms finally creates a chair that compliments this aesthetic without compromising performance.[https://www.haworth.com/eu/products/chairs/office/nia](https://www.haworth.com/eu/products/chairs/office/nia)

Brunner hoc

Three identical pieces made of shaped wood combine in an elegant curve. That’s hoc, the modern interpretation of the archetypal stool. It is the starting point for a sculptural series presenting itself pure and reduced to an absolute minimum. Cheek table and bench stay true to hoc’s sculptural language of forms. Made of three beech plywood elements, they come across as pure, featuring a clear design.Thanks to doing away with back rests, an upright seating position will help strengthen one’s back. Moreover, this helps create an informal and inviting communication situation.[https://www.haworth.com/eu/company/brands/collection/brunner](https://www.haworth.com/eu/company/brands/collection/brunner)

Meeting Mix

4-12 person rooms- Haworth Harbor Work Lounge - Cappellini Sunset - Haworth Openest Chick Pouf - Haworth Feather Sofa - Behold - Maari (NEW: available from Jan 2020)

Haworth Openest Sprig

By providing essential worksurfaces for work tools and personal items, Sprig tables intuitively support collaborative spaces. Use alone or blend several tables of varying heights and shapes to create layers and impart visual rhythm to the landscape. Designed to correspond with the scale, lines and colours of other Openest elements, Sprig tables can also easily stand on their own. Available in solid plank white oak or walnut, or with a painted finish, and complemented by painted aluminium legs.[https://www.haworth.com/eu/de/produkte/tisch/Beistelltisch/openest-sprig](https://www.haworth.com/eu/de/produkte/tisch/Beistelltisch/openest-sprig)

Conference setting

20 seats- Maari (NEW: available from Jan 2020) - with and without armrest

Digital Strategy Haworth

- CoDesigner - Analytics / IoT - Microsof Hololens Test Arena

Active Seating

New York situation.6 seats in creative environment. - Haworth Nia (NEW) - Haworth Immerse - Cappellini Tate - Category 2-6h work[https://www.haworth.com/eu/products/chairs/office/nia](https://www.haworth.com/eu/products/chairs/office/nia)

Artemide Discovery

Discovery is an unobtrusive, utterly absent and immaterial element. Its volume is only perceived when switched on, thanks to the light that outlines the central emitting surface. The result is a uniform light, ideal for working environments. The company’s great optoelectronic skills, combined with a thorough culture of design and with technological know-how, produces a perfectly all-purpose and surprising solution, which translates innovation into emotional perception.[https://www.artemide.com/de/subfamily/4746315/discovery-vertical](https://www.artemide.com/de/subfamily/4746315/discovery-vertical)

Cappellini Hobo

DESIGNED BY TINA BUNYAPRASIT & WERNER AISSLINGERWork. Lounge.[https://www.haworth.com/eu/products/lounge/sofa/hobo](https://www.haworth.com/eu/products/lounge/sofa/hobo)

Artemide Eggboard

Suspension appliance with sound-absorbing properties ensured by a peculiar sinusoidal cross- section design of the lower surface and the use of a sound-absorbing material. Acoustic efficiency is ensured within a limited space by positioning at approximately one metre above the head of the speaker and listener. Direct emission: a board with a high number of low-voltage LEDs with rotosymmetrical reflectors ensures maximum lighting comfort. Colour temperature 3000K or 4000 K. Complies with the norms on office activities that involve the use of video-terminals (UGR[https://www.artemide.com/en/subfamily/2579649/eggboard-matrix](https://www.artemide.com/en/subfamily/2579649/eggboard-matrix)

The Forum

80 seats in lounge atmosphere- Haworth Poppy - Haworth Feather Sofa - Cappellini July Plastic - Brunner hoc

Cappellini Tate

Tate seating is shaped and contoured for comfort as well as a casual, friendly look. Tate chairs are stackable, and stools are in two heights. They complement each other in cafés, kitchenettes, tech bars, and informal meeting spaces. Tate can be upholstered in Pelle Frau® Color System leather, Ecopelle faux leather, or Kvadrat® fabric.[https://www.haworth.com/products/seating/stools/tate](https://www.haworth.com/products/seating/stools/tate)

Haworth Maari

Maari lets you furnish many spaces with a family of seating—one of the largest in the market. Designed by Patricia Urquiola, Maari is based on a one-piece, delicately textured, molded shell that’s the same for all chairs. Choose any base with the same shell for a breadth of applications.

Framery Q

he Framery Q office pod is a perfect place for people to have meetings, brainstorming sessions and important one-on-one conversations in private without disturbing the whole office – or the office disturbing you.[https://www.haworth.com/eu/company/brands/collection/framery](https://www.haworth.com/eu/company/brands/collection/framery)

Artemide Tolomeo Maxi

Tolomeo lamp was made to go everywhere, stay everywhere, work everywhere. Now on its 30th anniversary we know it will never become old. Even in the future it will go everywhere, stay everywhere, work everywhere, forever!“ Michele De Lucchi[https://www.artemide.com/en/subfamily/4402609/tolomeo-maxi](https://www.artemide.com/en/subfamily/4402609/tolomeo-maxi)

Haworth Openest Chick Pouf

DESIGNED BY PATRICIA URQUIOLAOpenest Chick poufs help leverage open space—small or large—by creating cozy, flexible areas that inspire people to do their best work. Easy to arrange and ready for anything, Chick poufs are at home in any setting—from individual focus and retreat areas, to collaborative and social gathering spots.

Corner Lounge

7-9 seats in lounge atmosphere- Haworth Riverbend Curved, Triple Seat, Square - Big Arrow fabrics - Cappellini Drum Pouf